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Nahdat Al mashaeir Co , Ltd. has been characterized over the past years by serving pilgrims and pilgrims of The House of God, harnessing all their potential to provide the best hotel services that have been characterized by a distinctive reputation in the field of housing, especially the hajj and umrah seasons that the company has set its sights on to improve the quality and level of The company has built more than 20 hotels in Makkah for housing, with more than 15,000 pilgrims. It was created in accordance with the quality and safety specifications in addition to its hotel touches from providing some distinctive hotel services from reception and internal supervision and management of hotel operations skillfully put us at the forefront of the hotel groups provided for the services of pilgrimhousing.


To be a pilgrimage and umrah and visit is legalized, easy and easy in an atmosphere of tranquillity and tranquility, to remain a special and wonderful memory in the memory of hajj, al-Mumar and the visitor achieve supranational satisfaction, and make him an ambassador to convey to the world the kingdom’s efforts in the service of the guests of Rahman.


We work to facilitate the procedures of performing rituals, and to control and legalize the service through the development of systems, the recruitment of technology, the increased efficiency of the staff in the service of The Guests of Rahman, and the completion of the infrastructure with the aim of providing religious hospitality to international standards.


  • Work to improve the services provided to pilgrims and pilgrims.

  • Develop the business of the profession of raft, agency and indication, and pilgrimage inside using the latest technical means

  • Improving the skills of field service personnel to ensure outstanding services for pilgrims and pilgrims.

  • Coordinate with all relevant authorities to facilitate the performance of pilgrims, pilgrims and visitors to their rituals.

  • Working in accordance with the values and teachings of the Islamic faith to provide outstanding services.

  • Unite efforts to motivate citizens to contribute, in turn, in the service of the guests of Rahman, whether expensive or volunteer.

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